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Frequently Asked Questions

How is HPC different to other networks?

The consortium is about working in collaboration with your peers in other industries to address key improvement opportunities in your business.  It is focused on a transfer of knowledge and developing your team’s capability to improve your business performance and profitability.  Many other networks are good for developing contacts and gathering information but are not focused on implementation and action learning.  To be a member of the consortium you also need to demonstrate a desire for and some track record of business improvement.

Who participates in HPC?

HPC is a whole of business membership and so nominated people from any level of the organisation can get involved in appropriate events. Typically there is a HPC Champion within member organisations who is the main contact.  Initially that person may participate in many of the events.  We also have various forums that are specifically for people to interact only with their peers in other organisations.

Is this just about operational improvement?

Our focus is on the whole business and not just on operations.  We are not prescriptive in our approach and it is essential to diagnose your needs and focus your scarce resources on the right few things that will make a significant difference to your competitiveness.  Being able to articulate to your people the reason for choosing to focus on these particular improvement initiatives is vitally important in enlisting their support and commitment to change.

We already have a strategic plan but are struggling to implement it.  Could HPC membership help us improve our implementation?

Absolutely.  HPC facilitators are experienced industry people who have been through business transformations both as leaders and consultants.  The best way to learn and develop an ongoing capability to change and adapt is to engage your people directly in improvement activities that are linked to your strategy.  This is supported with just in time training, action learning and coaching.  They also open their eyes through working with their peers in other organisations.

Am I expected to buy other services from HPC?

Absolutely not!  Membership only commits you to participate in the agreed program.  Our philosophy is that nobody has all the answers and so we operate in an open model in providing assistance and expertise.  Members gain access to our extensive international networks and we will upon request access expertise locally and overseas.  However members are free to use whatever providers they deem necessary. 

We already have consultants that I am happy with so why would we join HPC?

HPC works differently.  It is about exposing your people to improvement, to learn from and share with other organisations through a regular program of collaborative improvement events, peer to peer forums and action learning. HPC membership supports your existing improvement initiatives and helps to accelerate and sustain your progress.  Some of our members get good value from maintaining their existing relationships with consultants.