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The HPC team has extensive experience in successful strategy development and implementation both as practitioners and facilitators.  Through facilitation we ensure alignment and ownership of the deployment plans through the early involvement of the key stakeholders.  We facilitate the development of One Page Plans that are implemented by the team typically in an 8-week cycle.  During this time we provide on-going coaching and implementation support.  At the end of 8 weeks, teams report their outcomes, recommendations and lessons learnt before commencing the next cycle of implementation.  This generates a continuous cycle of implementation and builds your internal improvement capability.


This process determines the key factors in the success of the business and uses them to drive the future activities and direction of the firm. Issues are prioritised and action plans developed. The outcomes are summarised into a One Page Business Plan that is focussed on action and implementation. It is useful for both business start-ups and established businesses.


HPC has expertise in forming and facilitating shared learning networks.  The groups are composed of companies with a shared passion for learning and business improvement.  They leverage learning through sharing Best Practices and participating in various forums and improvement events.  In 2002, HPC founded the High Performance Consortium, which supports organisations in their pursuit of World Class performance.


Harnessing innovation that leads to bottom line impact is an issue for many companies.  We run workshops with teams on specific challenges using a structured process to teach creativity tools to find ideas that will generate Bottom Line Value.


HPC offers expert facilitation for groups in planning, problem solving and issue resolution.  Programs often include a blend of skills training, practical applications and coaching support over several weeks to ensure that the change is internalised.


Training is available in the following areas:

•             Business Improvement

•             Profit Improvement

•             Leadership

•             High Performance Teams

•             Continuous Improvement

•             Consulting & Facilitation


Value Stream Mapping is an excellent tool for identifying opportunities to improve flow, remove waste and improve efficiency.  We facilitate workshops to map Value Streams, identify key improvement ideas and develop detailed action plans to achieve the future state.


HPC has created an innovative Leadership Development program that combines 8 hours of face-to-face training supported by face-to-face coaching sessions and online support.  The program is modular and can be run in a variety of formats from one-day intensive followed by coaching to modules and coaching spread over 16 weeks.