Media Releases


Here is what some of our members say about HPC...


The facilitators have “the ability to quickly understand the critical issues and to provide input which leads to improved outcomes”
... CEO

“This is certainly one of the best investments I have ever made and I would be pleased to provide more insight if needed”
Managing Director

“I love the meetings. I learn something at every meeting and it recharges me to get things done."
Continuous Improvement (CI) Leader

“The opportunity for networking has been of great value. Visiting other sites is also eye opening and provides valuable information that can be incorporated into our CI Program”
CI Manager

“The consortium is a great source of feedback. We get to talk with others outside our world about the real issues”
Operations Manager

“I am more open now. I have stopped trying to justify why things are the way they are”
Team Leader

“The access to professional coaching provides the business with cost effective and highly valuable direction and input. The team is also fun to work with, knowledgeable and focused on our needs”
General Manager Operations

“HPC did provide a forum to discuss confidential issues with other industry leaders and I gained great insight and solutions for challenges that I could only get from such a high powered dialogue”
... CEO

“I am amazed at these results. We have a habit of starting and not following through on improvement. Because I had to come here and report back to all of you (my peers) I believe we followed through and completed”
... Operations Manager

“Privately held medium sized companies must continually look outside their organisation to grow and learn”
... Managing Director

 “I know what you do. You get us to do what we do not want to do. That is a good thing!”
... Team Leader