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Business Improvement

This process determines the key factors in the success of the business and uses them to drive the future activities and direction of the firm. Issues are prioritised and action plans developed. The outcomes are summarised into a One Page Business Plan that is focussed on action and implementation. It is useful for both business start-ups and established businesses.

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What is the High Performance Consortium

Business leaders often express how difficult it is to maintain a passion for excellence in their business. Many businesses go it alone but a better approach is to work with other non-competing firms to challenge and learn from each other to accelerate and sustain business improvement.

The High Performance Consortium (HPC), founded in Australia in 2002, is a vibrant community of non-competing companies who are getting better results working together, sharing Best Practice, applying Lean Principles, World Class Manufacturing and other improvement approaches.

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HPC’s 8 week Strategic Planning program will facilitate deployment plans to boost your internal improvement capability.

Whether you're a start-up or established business our Business Improvement program will drive the future of the business.

Tap into the wealth of HPC’s experience with our Coaching & Mentoring services and remove the barriers to your businesses improvement.

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